208-403-8636 127 E 20th st, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404 Jerbow88@gmail.com. For more than twenty years now, various communities in Asia have been using deer antler as the heart of their ancient herbal routine. Today, major producers are the major users of the product such as China, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, and Munchuria. Thousands of companies, trade offers. About 15% of these are christmas decoration supplies, 1% are dogs food. Luke Perkins of Star City, Sask., who collects antlers for Alberta Antler, sees it all the time. Yes. Strong and stable for over 95 years, The Western Producer has earned the trust of farmers and advertisers alike. Chinese medicine knew deer antler can be a cure hundreds of years ago. Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of Chinese antler. Even today, deer antler velvet is used by Chinese chemists and the larger part of Asia for various reasons. “I was buying antler from a guy down near Coronach, (Sask.) It is 100 percent natural substance. am-hat.jpg. Tex Creek Antler. Then he said, ‘hurry up. A wide variety of wood antler options are available to you, such as event & party item type, christmas item type, and material. We are constantly actively seeking quality Chinese antiques and we are the final buyer.No matter if you are cleaning out an estate or just moving and downsizing; or you are a collector looking for help in finding out the current value of your collection, you are welcome to contact us, and we will get back to you ASAP. Antler Tom . Send targeted trade leads, post trade offers, find new business partners. Deer antler is a common ingredient in Chinese tonic preparations. For a long time now, many communities and cultures have been using Deer Antler Velvet to supplement their dietary needs and assist with their hormonal balance. They normally cut thin slices from a dried deer antler velvet and combine them with slices of other traditional medicinal products. Give Jeremy a call at 208-390-2914. We are located in Bend Oregon but we travel all over the western states buying Antlers grow very quickly because they contain special substances that stimulate the bone and bone marrow. However, the documents produced in Asia were not dependent on those scientific reports that are needed by the Western Medicine. Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of antler table from around the world. Antlers are an extension of bone. Despite widespread claims for deer velvet, limited quality clinical trials have been conducted. 200 Followers, 60 Following, 21 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from BONE HEAD ANTLER BUYER (@bonehead_antler_buyer) About 4% of these are Christmas Decoration Supplies, 0% are Wedding Decorations & Gifts. Antler BUYER. Week after week, it delivers the information farmers have come to rely on. Looking to buy deer antler please provide most nominal price we are importing deer antler in Canada need supplier from China . we buy sell and trade em all! Bayer makes bid for Monsanto May 26, 2016 News. It’s not uncommon on prairie farms to see deer, elk or moose antlers tacked up on the barn or sitting in flower beds. “There’s guys way sicker than me,” said Perkins with a laugh. Private buyers have become the main force for purchasing Chinese cultural relics across the world, according to the city’s administration. Last year, Procknow sold nine shipping containers of antler, most of them to China and other points in Asia, where there is a market for antler in traditional medicine. So he went over by his wife’s flower garden and he grabbed four or five antlers and he handed them to me. Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of faux antler from around the world. Yes. Price also depends on the quality of antler, with unweathered brown elk antler bringing the highest price, followed by recently shed deer and moose horn. Since then, the supplement has been a big part of Traditional Chinese culture. Nobody else in the world has touched this antler before. Cascade Antler Buyers. For centuries, the supplement has been used to help support thte general restoration of body balance, help enhance overall body wellness and help improve body strength. A quick online search found prices ranging from $10 to … 6 talking about this. Farm success is biggest grain transportation challenge, Grain, pulse producers happy with new U.S. food guide, Bullishness must be tempered with realism, Driving force behind Claas equipment company dies, Feeding the agricultural machine during COVID-19, Cattle seen as agriculture’s long-term solution, Heat stress can negatively affect offspring of dairy cows, Hunters recruited in war against wild pigs, Higher canola yields achieved under irrigation, Triangles give strength without weight to Geometrica’s Agridome, Manage fields properly when removing them from forage, Sask. Antler Madness, Antler buyers. We Love antlers, We buy antlers and we treat you right! He asked how big the animal had been. This is why it's more improtant than ever to ensure you're buying pure antler extract, as opposed to a proprietary blend that will likely contain useless ingredients that are cheaper to harvest. Pixiu have protruding eyes and sharp teeth. Highest Quality product for over 15 years. All about antlers! “I always was interested in antler,” said Procknow, who started his business about a decade ago. In modern times, the trade of the deer antler velvet has spread to various places across the globe such as North America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and Asia. 22.1k Followers, 7,502 Following, 1,237 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Great Basin Antler Buyer (@greatbasinantlerbuyer) Chinese buyers tend to respond more quickly to WeChat and QQ instead of email and text messages. While you can buy Deer Velvet Supplements and sprays at Chinese Health stores, it is often diluted & low … December 30, 2016 Jon Waraas United States, Utah 15. | GLACIER FARMMEDIA MEMBERSHIP. “It’s when it’s outside and it gets weathered and rained on and the sun beats on it that it turns white and loses some quality.”. In modern times, the trade of the deer antler velvet has spread to various places across the globe such as North America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and Asia. Possibly the most significant use of deer antler velvet lies in its ability to potentially enhance muscle growth and also reduce the time taken to help recover from physical activity. Originally, I thought it is due to airline bad handling, so the case crack. SELL YOUR ANTLERS. In Chinese Medicine, the deer antler also known as Lu Rong is a prized and highly sought after commodity. Page - 2 “I’m a hunter and by finding shed antlers, you generally know how big and where the animal is. Antler Importers - Instantly Connect with Verified Antler Buyers & Antler Importers from USA, China, Taiwan at TradeKey Importers Directory. The article has traced the history of the substance right from the earliest documented record of the preparation, usage, and improvement of the deer antler velvet. They buy and sell antlers year around. IGF deer antler velvet is a Chinese vitality tonic for support of peak physical performance and healthy sex drive. The bucks are known for shedding off their antler after every year, and new ones grow. Antler is also a renewable resource. As with the Chinese Phoenix, the common image today is a representation of a single sex with one antler (male). Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of antler from around the world. deer antlers, Welcome to Antler Ridge Outfitting! Proud Sponsor of Youth Baseball! It wasn’t about the antlers. We pay top dollar! Many sources collect antlers as a hobby that combines with a love of outdoors and respect for wildlife, Perkins said. the knife opens as pictured. “Every one that I find here, I still, right before I pick it up, I realize nobody else in this world has touched this antler before. The old medicine discoverers were right. End of the day, I have to admit that Chinese buyers … Former linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis, was reported to have used antler velvet in 2013 to help in the recovery of triceps tendon that was torn. Call Jeremy - 208-390-2914. | START CLAIMING YOUR BENEFITS NOW, The Western Producer | Response to COVID-19, Company scours the Prairies looking for shed antlers, which it sells mostly to Asia for the traditional medicine market. Velvet antler has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that classifies many similar substances from a variety of species under the Chinese character name 鹿茸; (pinyin: lùróng) and the commercial name Cervi Cornu Pantorichum. Antler sheds are used to make furniture, knifes, chandeliers, decor, and are also ground up and made into supplements and makeup. Perkins takes delight in that story and in most stories involving shed antlers, which are what elk, deer and moose drop each year before they grow a new set. December 30, 2016 Jon Waraas 6. Montana. 139 shipments match antler. As a result of the holistic approach of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, deer antler velvet has been thought of as a household staple when it comes to supplementation. Even today, deer antler velvet is used by Chinese chemists and the larger part of Asia for various reasons. Each year dozens of antler buyers from all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico buy antler sheds. Last year, Procknow sold nine shipping containers of antler, most of them to China and other points in Asia, where there is a market for antler in traditional medicine. He couldn’t tell you what he had for dinner yesterday, but he can look at that horn and he’ll remember. Sort by Antler USA Ltd. United States Has employee contact information . Ray Lewis is not the only one who has ever been linked with the use of the deer antler velvet. 4 talking about this. Whether you are a deer hunter of shed finder, there comes a point in time when you'll find yourself in possession of more antlers than you know what to do with. They have been buying antlers for the last 8 years. Currently, a lot of antler buyers are also restricting their traveling because of the virus. Korea and China are actually big importers of antlers. No. That said, deer antler velvet is often associated with the furry, soft tissue that develops on the deer antlers before they calcify and harden. Several companies in Canada buy antlers from wildlife and farmed elk. We will buy any shed antlers and racks, state law permitting. Produced in New Zealand. The Ray Lewis fiasco significantly increased awareness and interest in deer antler velvet across the United States. one year and he wanted to know what they were worth. Idaho Falls Antler Buyers. Check out Antler Madness on Carbon.TV. The deer have been producing velvet to stimulate growth new of antlers. No. Chinese secrecy draws complaints December 17, 2020. 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