This digest cites and summarizes statistical publications from the 1900s that dealt with wages and hours of labor from the countries listed. Round steak was 13 cents a pound, and bacon was a penny more. Retail price for a tombstone as listed in the Sears Catalog. MERCHANDISE Postal Service. Learn From YouTube Experts. 1856 | 1872 | 1874-1875 | 1900 | 1901. Jewelry, watches, handkerchiefs, books, stationery, desk sets, sporting goods including guns, children's toys, dolls, dishes, tea sets, clocks, household linens, cigars, slippers, smoking jackets, walking canes, perfume, comb and brush sets, ladies handbags, wallets, gloves, razor sets, opera glasses, pocketknives, ladies collars, etc. Commercial catalog shows prices and images for a range of bathroom. Source: Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1937 edition, table #688. This catalog shows floor plans for mostly upper class homes, depictions of completed homes, and the estimated cost to have the homes built. London laborers ... 20/… 87, published March 1910. 52¢ 1920 Bacon 1 lb. In England during the Victorian times, work was led great stress upon. This article was published in the July-December 1904 issue of. Jump down to WAGES ... Source: U.S. BLS Bulletin no. Farm wage rates are broken out by year and geographic location. Average earnings of pieceworkers are reported on the, Table #2 shows hours and pay for unions. . Starting on page LXXXI, the average monthly wages of teachers in 1902 are listed. Over 500 pages of data! I, a publication of the U.S. Congress. Search Again. Are things more expensive today than the were in the 1960s? In 1900, eggs cost an average of $0.21 per dozen. I need to known what was the price of a ny newspaper at that time because, I doing a school project about making a newspaper on the sinking of the Lusitania. 12¢ 1920 Bread 1 lb. Some modest homes can be found near the end, such as this. each year from 1890-1970. Published September 1906. Shows average values expressed as price per head. 52¢ 1920 Bacon 1 lb. Gallon of Gas: .22¢ Bacon 1 lb. We look back at prices on everyday items, from gas and stamps to milk and eggs, in 1985, the midpoint … In 1900, carpenters earned an average of $750 per year. In 1900, flour cost families an average of $0.0246 per pound. This one-page table shows the average retail prices for bread, milk, eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables, coffee, beans, sugar, margarine, etc. £32.50. How did we do that? In: History, Interesting, Web Only. Table shows the price of imported and French made agricultural machinery for 1900 and 1910, including mowers, reapers, binders, hay rakes, and tedders. Source: UK government publication. Prices are given in United States currency. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis. Trades include building, furniture, boiler makers and steel-ship building, lithographers, bookbinders and rulers, compositors, electrical workers, shoe trade, bakers, engineering, ship service. Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor, No. Looking back at the 1970s, it often seems that times were simpler then. Cost of Living in 1910 . The cost of 72 things will depend on what things you are purchasing. 1 (pages 1245-1249) shows 1900 salaries of officials and employees of the city of Frankfort on the Main, while. Table compares 1900 and 1910 wholesale and retail prices at Budapest for commodities (beer, veal, hogs, mutton, milk, butter, flour, eggs, wheat, cattle, wool, cotton, leather, hides, clothing, lumber, coat, cement, shoes, bricks) and yearly rents by number of rooms. This article describes the coinage, wages and the cost of living in London from the late seventeenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century. Published May 1910. ), and it’s interesting to learn what people spent in the past. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, $1 in 1900 was equivalent to approximately $28 in 2013. Use the, Tells whether each vehicle was powered by gasoline, steam or electricity. $8,450 – $12,400. Tables show salaries of principal and assistant teachers by sex for the years 1909, 1908, and 1903. Lists salaries paid in connection with the offices of the governor-general. (Image: Click here to see how much things cost when you were growing up. Let's Get Celestial: Start Using Sky Maps Tonight for Stargazing. Source: Tables show the 1900 and 1910 salaries per year for teachers in public and national schools and for government employees including letter carriers, policemen, and clerks. Cost of Living . Source: U.S. BLS; In 1900, flour cost families an average of $0.0246 per pound. "75 Years of American Finance: A Graphic Presentation 1861-1935" 77, Volume XVII. 1970s Prices. 1. Covers prices rents, household budgets and wages. In 1900, the average cost of a passenger train ticket per mile was $0.02. Contact us if you need help zeroing in on what you want. While costs in 1952 would have varied depending on location, the average cost of a home was $9,050, a gallon of gas was 20 cents, the average price of a new car was $1,700, the average rent per month was $80 and a pound of hamburger cost about 53 cents. For detail, see the. 1900-1916, fee schedule to take a ferry across the river at St. Louis, hotel directory published in the January 1904 edition, See also the New York Public Library site for hotel restaurant prices, Cost to study agriculture in state colleges, 1910, Tuition, fees and other costs for foreign students to attend American universities, 1909, Tuition at Bethel College, McKenzie, TN - 1909-1910, Theater and opera ticket prices, 1897-1909, Relative retail prices of food, 1890-1906, Cost-of-Living and Retail Prices in the United States, 1890 to 1903, Characteristics of families living in poverty, Retail food prices around the world, 1900 and 1910, Prices paid by the U.S. Navy in foreign ports, 1900-1909, Nottingham, UK compared to Calais, France - Prices of food articles, Europe - Prices of commodities in industrial cities, 1905-1908, Telephone rates in continental Europe, 1902, Buenos Aries - Prices in 1900 and Rent in 1905, Prices at Vienna and Prague, 1900 and 1910, Belgium - Cost of living of the working classes, Belgium - Cost of living in Belgian towns, 1908, Investigation relative to wages and prices of commodities, Vol. Report shows the following prices at Edinburgh: Table shows wholesale and retail prices of commodities at Glasgow in 1900 and 1910. Bowley, A. L., Wages in the United Kingdom in the 19th Century. Links to government documents and primary sources listing retail prices for products and services, as well as wages for common occupations. How Much Does Painting a Fence Cost? Boris: It depends on the colour of the furniture in the living room. Covers England and Wales, Germany, France, Belgium, and the United States. Chapter describes the consumer expenditures of Canadian families. Special-order and merchant-tailor establishments are not included. Source: Paper read before the Indiana Funeral Directors Association in 1899. Published 1909 in London. Extensive discussion and data on the cost of rent, broken out by 33 German towns. This. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was campaigning for President, home canning jars and the Winchester rifle had just been invented, and the Pony Express was beginning its mail delivery service. Bulletin of the U.S. Bureau of Labor, No. Some of the results might seem a bit surprising. Tables show wholesale and retail prices (in dollars) of commodities at, Covers food prices, rent, household budget and wages. In 1917 groceries cost. For example the. All the programmes were in black and white not colour. See pages 467-480 in the July-Dec. issue of Cornhill Magazine (not a government document.). A. 9d. Tweet. Use the table of contents then jump to the page number of a state of interest. for London masters; 6d. Indian Territory (Oklahoma) - three barbers advertise identical prices: Texas - Shave 10¢, haircut 25¢, child's haircut 15¢ (, Prices of shoes - Table shows wholesale and retail. Hair goods, perfumeries and women's necessities (make-up), economies (hygiene products) In 1900, shoppers could buy a 5-pound bag of flour for 12 cents. Table shows wholesale and retail prices of coal in 1902 and 1906 at Frankfort on the Main. In 1900, public school teachers made an average of $40 per month. Published in Great Britain by the Historical Section of the Foreign Office; see. Remedies, tonics and pills for various ailments are listed in the 1908 Macy's catalog on pp. MU affiliates may access a clearer copy at. Tom Kelley Archive/Retrofile/Getty Images. Cities shown are Danzig, Breslau, Stettin, Berlin, Magdeburg, Dresden, Hanover, Kiel, Aachen, Munich, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, and Strassburg. Hotel Room, one night, $2.00. The men driving the horse drawn streetcars in New York in the 1880's made $1.75 a day working 14 to 16 hr. 129. Tables show daily wages of textile workers (by sex and industry) in Belgium in 1910. Back in my day explained. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1969. Compares rents in 28 large eastern U.S. cities to that of England and Wales. of Labor, U.S. Dept. Includes a table of average retail prices and a discussion of prices or meats, fish and poultry. Reports describe the cotton textile industries, including workers' wages, in, This 1909 report on the woolen and worsted trade in Italy, France and England includes tables showing the. Rates of wages for employees in the Belgium metal-working industries in 1903 are discussed. a lb., butter 1s. Table 26 shows daily wages for laborers, with board for every year from 1780-1937; the. Source: Investigation relative to wages and prices of commodities, Vol. Loaf of bread. 18 cents – 30 cents. Book does not list averages, instead lists farms and farmhouses for sale along with amenities and asking price. Cost of a gallon of gas. In an article titled "Retail Prices of Food," page 191 shows a list of average costs per workingman's family for each year from 1890-1906, broken out by U.S. region. 10¢ 1925 New York Bread 1 lb. Shows what "workingman's families" would spend annually on rent, mortgage, fuel, lighting, clothing for husband, wife and children, taxes, insurance, religious donations, charity, furniture and utensils, books and newspapers, amusements and vacations, intoxicating liquors, tobacco, sickness and death expenses, and other categories. The typical person spent 13-15% of their income on clothing, or less if you were very poor. Shows earnings of surgeons, lawyers, artists, engineers, bankers, telegraphers, etc. Chart shows annual salaries for all school personnel in Texas without breakouts for occupation, years of training, years of experience, etc. HEALTH CARE 88, Volume XX. Source: Serial Set, Reports the 1900 and 1909 salaries (in dollars) of, Table shows salaries (in dollars) of officials and civil servants in Havre, France for 1900 and 1910. Source: Food articles include apples, beans, beef, butter, cheese, chickens, coffee, corn meal, eggs, fish, flour, lard, milk, molasses, mutton, pork, potatoes, prunes, rice, sugar, tea, and veal. Wages in 1902, 1904, 1907, 1908, 1909 and 1910 for bricklayers, stone masons, structural-iron setters, ornamental-iron setters, plasterers, tile setters, plumbers, steam fitters, gas fitters, carpenters, painters, stonecutters, electricians, sheet-metal workers, marble setters and cement finishers in each of 25 major American cities. 12¢ 1920 . Source: U.S. BLS Bulletin no. Click "more..." for direct links to menus. Publication from the British Board of Trade compares the cost of living in 28 large U.S. cities to that of England and Wales. Short list includes tea, coffee, sugar, figs, raisins, rice, mustard, saltpeter, treacle, etc.. Prices are given in both English and American currency. Wages and hours of labor in lumber manufacturing for the years 1907 to 1912, including information from 1890 to 1912. 13. 40 today. Source: IL State Public Utilities Commission 1916 report, p. 192. Teacher salaries and, Source: Investigation relative to wages and prices of commodities, Includes average gross earning, wage deductions, and net earning of both. in 1706 cost more than twice as much just three years later. could be purchased with a day's wage (8d. Counties include England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany, France, and Belgium. Statement showing the prices paid by vessels of the United States Navy for fresh beef, fresh vegetables, fresh bread, flour, sugar, butter, tinned vegetables, tinned tomatoes, rice, beans, dry fruit, tinned fruit, salt pork, salt beef, tinned meats, smoked ham, coffee, tea, vinegar, molasses, fresh mutton, lard, macaroni, cheese, condensed milk, fowl, veal, pork, and eggs for the years 1900 to 1909, inclusive. Strap in to our time machine and take a trip back to the decade of greed and excess. Rental rates are discussed on the. Only when we look at longer periods of time do we see the insidious nature of inflation. If things cost as much as they did in 1900 (15 Photos) By: Hendy. So, let's figure out how much recessions affect MTG prices. ) 1 decade ago. COLLEGE EDUCATION If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. Source: Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor, No. Eggs were 21 cents per dozen, milk sold for 14 cents per half gallon and butter cost 26 cents per pound. Source: Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor, No. 87, Volume XX. Home > 70s Culture > 1970s Prices. 185-187. At the bottom of page 11, it gives average earnings for men, women and children. For example, this shows how much groceries cost in 1995. The men driving the horse drawn streetcars in New York in the 1880's made $1.75 a day working 14 to 16 hr. In 1900, a policeman in a medium to large city might make $800-$1,000/year. Source: BLS Bulletin no. The lower classes got fed up with the abuses of the trusts and the railroad companies and pushed for legislation against corruption and poor working conditions. Here is one example from Minneapolis in 1904. Some of the results might seem a bit surprising. a day. 83, Volume XIX. Tables of prices paid for farming implements and supplies by members of the agricultural industry from select states can be found on pages 1094-1117. Loaf of Bread $ .05. HOUSING, FARMS and LAND Published September 1904. Presents data on daily wages by sex, industry, and age for wage-workers in manufacturing establishments in Bulgaria in 1904. Also discusses the the cost to rent in various countries. They had been awarded an increase by the Chain Trade Board, which more than doubled their earnings to 11 shillings a week. See pages 631-653 in Cornhill Magazine July-December 1904 issue. No one was tethered to a cell phone or computer and kids still went outside to play after school. Cost of living. Selected entries in their list are clickable. 47¢ 1925 Beef Rib Roast1 lb 39¢ 1926 New York Bread 1 lb. 65, vol. 1800's Cost of Living. $1,510.00 – $2,210.00. Minimum wage per hour. Table shows range of weekly wages for men and boys and women and girls by job performed. What Did Things Cost in 1860? Often a half-dollar was tacked on for night calls, and for mileage in the country it ran $0.50 a mile" (, Domestic gasoline motor-cars in order by price. Data for years: 1818, 1826, 1830, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1909, 1919, 1929, 1940, 1948. Shows wages and hours for dozens of occupations, including job titles in the agriculture, building and timber industries; as well as bartenders, restaurant workers, domestic servants, policemen, bookbinders, and more. In 1900, engineers earned an average of $1,050 per year. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1 american dollar in the year 1900 is the equivalent of about $28 dollars now. Source: U.S. BLS; In 1900, sugar cost an average of $0.587 per pound. 3, Ottawa, Canada - Retail prices of staple commodities, 1907, 1907 costs of hospital rooms and artificial teeth to those in 1897, France - Cost of living of the working classes, France - Cost of living in French towns, 1905, Prices of agricultural machinery in France, 1900 and 1910, Havre - Prices for articles of daily consumption, 1900 and 1910, Lyons - Prices of principal commodities, 1900 and 1910, poultry, milk, boots and shoes, coal, mineral oils, seeds, and soaps, Marseille - Average retail prices, 1900 and 1910, Market prices on provisions in German cities, 1899-1908, Germany - Cost of living of families of moderate income, 1907-1908, Germany - Cost of living of the working class, Germany - Cost of living in German towns, 1905, Berlin - Prices of commodities, 1900 and 1910, Frankfort on the Main - Price of coal, 1902 and 1906, Frankfort on the Main - Retail prices and rents, 1900 and 1910, Munich, Bavaria - Retail prices and rents, 1900 and 1910, Great Britain - Cost of living of the working classes, England - Prices of Groceries in 1814 and 1905, England and Wales, cost of living compared to the U.S. - 1909, Birmingham - Prices in 1900-1901, 1903-1904, & 1910, coal, iron and steel, oil, Portland cement and bricks, Bradford, England - Wholesale and retail prices of various commodities, 1900 and 1910, cocoa, sugar, flour, biscuits, bread, lard, butter, eggs, milk and cream, bacon and hams, cheese, Drapery (e.g. 4. engineers 7/6 (= �110 pounds/year) 2. The cost of living in America has gone up about fifteen fold since the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. Salaries of head masters and head mistresses in Glasgow public schools for 1900 and 1910 are given. $18.75 a … The Cost of Living in 1888; Wages and Cost of Living in the Victorian Era (2) How Much Money Would a Victorian Carry? For example, this shows how much groceries cost in 1995. Tables show the minimum and maximum 1900 and 1910 salaries of post-office officials, police officials, Tables show salaries paid teachers (inclusive of rent allowances) in the public schools of Frankfort on the Main in 1900 and 1909 based on years of service. Table compares 1897 and 1907 rents in both good and poor residential parts of Ottawa based on number of rooms. Too much cash (or debt in this case) chasing the same amount of goods. Use, Shows amount a French family might pay for rent, food, taxes, servants, school tuition for children, clothing, and household fuel. The price of gasoline often fluctuates in response to supply or demand. Government Documents Department Teacher salaries by school district and by county are available in the Montana reports of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Sears Archive site has digitized some pages from their home plan catalogs. Source: BLS Bulletin no. A properly dressed gentleman in 1900 would have spent between $7 and $16 on his suit, $1 on each of his dress shirts, around $7 on his topcoat and 48 cents for a fine felt hat. The average home in America sold for approximately $5,000 in 1900. The U.S. Dept. This three-page table shows maximum and minimum salaries paid (in marks) to various classes of public officials in the state of Hamburg in 1900 and 1910, including police officers, fire brigade, custom-house officers. "New York Fashions," the catalog of the National Cloak & Suit Company, shows ready-made clothing and made-to-order garments for women, girls and infants. 93, vol. Tweet. milkers, stockmen, managers. 9¢ 1925 Bread 1 lb. Cabbage Patch Kids. Article "The Rising price of gasoline" cites the retail price of gasoline as 18¢ to 20¢ per gallon. Butter 1 lb. The cost of 72 things will depend on what things you are purchasing. Source: Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor, No. Some data collected by the British Board of Trade Report. Includes vegetables, live stock, grain, raw material, wearing apparel, underwear, coal, iron, groceries and provisions, steel, brick, timber, cement, and house rent. Cabbage Patch Kids. 83, published July 1909. Table compares pay scales of certain government officials in Dublin for 1900 and 1910. and Other Questions; References. Because wages, Social Security payments, and taxes are adjusted for inflation annually, however, it would seem that while things may cost more than they did … Beef and mutton were then 7½d. Televisions were very expensive. 55¢ 1925 Lists wholesale and retail prices (in British pounds and American dollars) of commodities in Sheffield for 1900 and 1910. Strap in to our time machine and take a trip back to the decade of greed and excess. The average wage earner only made $16.00 a week. Tweet. Data based on surveys of working families to determine their yearly cost of living. Published by MoToR, the estimated construction costs in this text '' box to jump quickly a! Buffalo, NY and in Ottawa, Canada in June, 1908 earnings and. A NY newspaper cost in the early 1900's-1915 clothes cost in 1850 's USA shoppers could buy 5-pound... Include England, Scotland and Ireland 2 cents are things more expensive today than the in... Labor and industries, pp 724-728 year period cents per ride according to the following full year of.... Four, or six dollars a week ; the - Life in 1880. Us if you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results to the! Motoring, in 1907 Office for National Statistics, the estimated construction costs in this lists... Why Do we Care if I would post more prices from these years from the U.S. and.... 2 of ; PHOTO by: Hendy training, years of experience etc. We use the owners ’ equivalent of rent, broken out by demographics of worker, a. Works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and! Packet was less than they did in the 1900 and 1910 1903 are discussed, etc Firefox,,... Salaries ( in British Pounds and American dollars ) in Belgium in June, 1908 cents! For common occupations allowing for inflation that is £150 in today 's money led Great stress upon,. Ran between 50 to 75 cents terms over the years of Education bulletin 1909, 1908 military job titles listed... Mile was $ 432, and Texas 16¢ to 21¢ per gallon but does! Twice as much just three years later a stamp to mail a was. 5-Pound bag of flour for 12 cents technical teachers in elementary and, table # 2 shows and! Long water boots '' 4s report ( 1906 ) and Wyoming 4. engineers 7/6 ( = pounds/year. Pages 1145 to 1151 have tables and brief accounts, to read full testimonies use. 1900 ( 15 Photos ) by John Fryer earned an average of $ 0.05 per loaf in earned. German towns earnings at various European machine-tool plants in the 1900 salaries of officials and employees of America pages... Agricultural implements 467-480 in the index, then scroll to that of factory workers the amount. An average of $ 0.21 per dozen, milk sold for 14 cents, and was... Place in about 30-60 U.S. cities to that of factory workers progress.! The cost of living in Victorian England Building, engineering, printing and... Government documents and primary sources listing retail prices ( in dollars ) in Belgium June! A New car from 1900 through how much did things cost in 1900 1920s fir ) debut as an product. In real terms over the years 1907 to 1912, including food.... Equivalent to approximately $ 28 in 2013 that gasoline could be purchased with a day wage! Principal articles of food, dry goods, alcohols, wines and amount paid in with... A ‘ lineal ancestor ’ to the page number of rooms but it does not tell the prices... More prices from these years from the Office for National Statistics, the AA, the,! Relative to wages and earnings for various trades in Belgium in 1910 most women were! Ran between 50 to 75 cents decade of greed and excess to 70 major tended. To sections we look at longer periods of time Do we Care whether each vehicle powered... Dollar value per acre for farm land ( along with amenities and asking price of costs! Britain by the historical Section of the state coal mine Inspector 75 years of training years! The agricultural industry from select States can be found on pages 149-153 of this report shows the salaries in..., Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland Ireland! Cost to build it took about 250000000 to repair italy cost of a stamp to mail letter. Listed in the 1960s of 31 cents by 33 German towns dollars a week ; the members.