Thread starter kgschrader; ... My 2016 Helm shows only the Differential Fluid Pump Relay in the BJB. Oil Filter Adapter Gasket. OEM Differential Oil Cooler Install. Brand: Tilton Engineering. Pump body: … Diagram 2. for the Part Numbers) 1. 127534-Differential Oil Pump. I am looking to drop the differential in order to swap out the worn out bushings for poly ones. The schematic you provided in this thread shows the second relay which powers the Diff pump relay. Differential or. feed line to a dedicated, separate oil cooler. Transmission. Differential Oil Cooler Pump (40-524) by Tilton®. Any general suggestions about the install. Cooler pumps feature an internal bypass valve and are self-priming up to eight feet above the source from which it draws. Oil Drain Plug Gasket. cooler suits etc. 12v Differential and Transmission Oil Pump. Transmission scavenge 2. 98-1901. The Ford Performance Differential Cooler Kit is designed to keep the Mustang at top condition for the track. The compact design is durable and has a continuous duty rating (see temperature range shown below). Buy It Now. We include AN-6 adapter fittings in addition to the AN-8 fittings that the pump typically includes. This item qualifies for FREE Shipping in the continental United States! CHECK VALVE ASSEMBLY REPLACEMENT (Refer to . These are diaphragm pumps not spur gear nor gerotor pumps. To avoid trouble before it happens, it is essential to equip oil cooler. A 20-mesh strainer or filter placed inline before the inlet of the pump … C $258.79. Running the pump dry can cause pump failure. Electric pump can still operate when car is stopped. Startup Note, never operate the oil pump dry. High-performance driving can be quite punishing on the differential, causing the differential oil to overheat and degrade performance. Oil Filter Adapter Gasket. The oil pump we recommend is a metal gear Mocal pump that is designed specifically for gear oil. Oil Cooler O-Ring. Brand New. Transmission / Differential Oil Cooler Pump. That is on diesel pickups that tow Steve The 03-1046 sub micron filter on pump inlet keeps the oil clean flowing to the pump and oil cooler. Oil Cooler O-Ring. This self-priming pump is specially designed for transmission and differential oil cooling. Oil Cooler Mounting Kit. Model: 4D33, 4D34 - Fitting on CE0219 Oil Cooler: Reference : ME013343 , ME215002 , ME228726: Description : Cartridge, Oil Filter 12v Differential and Transmission Oil Pump. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Earls electric oil pump is ideal for circulating the gear oil through an external oil cooler - for cooling the differential or manual transmission. Vent core to aid in filling. 217465-Differential Shift Fork. Tilton cooler pumps are ideal For pumping oil through transmission and differential coolers. Oil/Water Cooler Pump, 12 volt Continuous Duty, Buna N Seals: $255.00: In Stock: TE 40-912 . Rear differential cooler kit. Any suggestions as to which 12 volt pump I should use? Heat is the main factor contributing to oil breakdown, and can lead to premature failure of your limited slip differential under extreme conditions. I took my time running the lines, tightening the fittings, filling and cycling the system, checking for … Integral Cooling Fan Weighs Just 3.5lbs. Oil Cooler Gasket Set. 23 watchers. Differential Oil Cooler Kit for R35 GT-R is released now. Oil Cooler Gasket Set. This will also help extend the service life of your gear oil since it won't be getting as hot under extreme conditions. 4) When the differential oil is being REPLENISHED, connecting terminals OP2 and E1 of the Check Connector when the ignition is switch ON causes the oil cooler pump to operate for 90 +/- 10 seconds so that oil also flows to the oil cooler. Diagram 1. Usually it was the Suzuki crowd. Operates while car is stopped for continued cooling of oil. C $270.81. Brand New. cooler suits etc. 128624-Differential Lock Assembly. Any advice will help. Oil Filter Stand Pipe O-Ring. We would like to introduce our new differential oil cooler kit for the Nissan 370Z. But the oil cooler and pump are sitting on top of the diff and I want to make sure I do it right. Here’s pic of the differential oil pump & oil cooler install completed: There were many steps along the way that I don’t have pictures for, but most will get the point. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. differential case, we saw gear oil temperatures as high as 250° F during track use. Add to Wishlist. Kit includes a heat exchanger/fan assembly with -8 fittings, Tilton oil pump, 15 feet of -8 stainless braided line, three 90 degree -8 fittings, seven straight -8 fittings, one 90 degree swivel for the suction line, one AN-8 check valve, one 280 degree temperature gauge with sending unit. 2135 series. Was somewhere around $1100.00 cooler/pump/thermo switch/ hoses mounting ect That said the pump is $320.00 the cooler/fan setup is about $350.00 [bar & plate]. FT 1370: $795.00 Traditionally a finned differential cover would be used but they usually only provide marginal improvements in cooling. Oil/Water Cooler Pump, 12 volt Continuous Duty, Buna N Seals. High performance vehicle R35 GT-R's differential oil temperature tends to be very high under severe conditions such as circuit driving. I have located a small Setrab cooler to use but have not decided where to locate it. 03-1046 Oil Filter, 03-1034 Pump: Differential Cooler; Oil Feed $49.50+$295 Here we have our 03-1034 pump (2.6 GPM) with AN8 exit fitting that would be connected via an AN8 (1/2" i.d.) Does anyone have any experience working with the OEM differential oil coolers that came with some of the EU model Supras? High differential oil temperature may affect on the lubricant performance and/or … ... 128700-Differential Oil Pump. The Tilton Differential Pump is placed inline with the cooling system as shown in Diagram 1. Flojet makes pumps like these. Cost with all fittings and 15' of hose was $179. About us. Most OEMs are running synthetic fluid in a heavy weight [75/140] to deal with the heat. There are cheap imitations of this pump out there, some even use plastic gears, but Mocal is definitely the best. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. They can also be used for many other applications, such as emptying fuel tanks or circulating coolant. 129425-Differential Lock … They were never designed to hot pump oil. Oil Drain Plug Gasket. Flow rate: 1-2 gpm Working pressure: 60 psi (max) Temperature range: 265 degrees F constant Power: 12V DC Diff/Trans Cooler. Thanks. The MSW differential cooler kit helps keep your differential temps in check under hard use on the race track, prolonging the life of your limited slip and giving you more consistent performance. Oil Filter Gasket. Motor: DC 12v. 1. I verified that relay is in the BJB. oil flows through the differential oil filter and the oil cooler (if equipped) to a flow control valve, ... A four section torque converter and transmission pump is located at the rear of the torque converter. Tilton 40-524 Oil Cooler Pump Transmission Differential. 40-527 Tilton Differential Oil Cooler Pump (91.1% similar) Buna continuous duty the cooler pump is designed for use with standard oils and coolants, while viton model corrosive fluids such as alcohol. ... 121302-Differential Oil Pump. Placing the pump on the outlet side of the cooler exposes it to lower temperatures significantly increasing the life and reliability of the pump. Fill cooler core with oil from core outlet by removing bypass hose. Mounting Plate included 3/8″ NPT fittings 1-2 gallon/minute Flow Oil Filter Stand Pipe O-Ring. They work, but there is always a question. ... Power Steering Pump Spacers for S54 Oil Filter Housing $ 14.99. Tilton Engineering product Can be Used for Oil Coolers on Differentials or Transmission. 0086-13880510792 0086-28-86758784 8th Floor, No 2,Tongfu Xiang,Xiyulong Street,Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.China 610015 Differential Oil Pump Early Type Haldex Rear 1526441 for Ford Kuga 2008 NEW. Oil/Water Cooler Pump, 12 volt, 2 gpm, Buna N Seals: $225.00: In Stock: TE 40-527 . For the serious enthusiasts, a differential oil cooler kit will meet and go beyond motorsports expectations. Pump body: … The four sections (from front to rear) are: 1. This 12v fluid circulation pump is suitable for various applications-. Cooling E46 (non-M) Upper Radiator Hose $ 24.99. Newly redesigned with a internal bypass valve. The test rearend unit is set up with an oil pump, a rearend cooler, a ducted fan to blow a steady stream of air through the cooler, and all the necessary hoses to plumb everything. This heavy duty pump features a metal housing & is self-priming w/ a flow rate of up to 2.1 gallons per minute. Quick View. Mark a line at the joint between the pump head and the cam bearing For my differential setup I bought a used NASCAR Long plate cooler that was used for transmission cooling on a Nationwide car, 6"x 12" single row with -8 AN fittitings, cost was $59 on eBay. Rated IP-67 for all-weather performance. 129130-Differential Carrier Bearing Adjuster. Typical applications are differential/gearbox cooling circuits. valve begins to open allowing oil to pass thru the cooler. Use to pump oil through differential and transmission coolers. Oil Pan Bolt Set. I need to install an oil cooler system on my differential and have found many belt and shaft driven pumps to use but have been unable to locate a 12 volt one. 129783-Differential Shift Fork. The sÅ«sa mini gear oil circulation pump is a 12V positive displacement pump with no internal bypass. Tilton has a differential oil pump that people have resorted to who gave up trying to buy "Just the Oil System" from us. The oil cooler core adopts turn flow type that is efficient for cooling. The hoses are Aeroquip socketless oil and lube carrying hoses rated for 300 psi/ 300 degrees service temp. It pumps the rear differential fluid through a cooler to reduce the differential temperature. This 12v fluid circulation pump is suitable for various applications-. From United States +C $23.76 shipping estimate. Oil Filter Gasket. Motor: DC 12v. Tilton Viton Diaphragm Kit with Pistons for Cooler Pump: $50.00: Not In Stock: TE 40-935 . This self-priming pump is designed to circulate oil and water-based fluids, features bronze helical gears and nickel-plated brass pump head. It adopts compact oil pump, so easy to install in vehicle that having narrow space, specially silent noise of operation is one of this product’s feature. Fill the gear drive to capacity before starting pump.