The cake has muscle memory so it’s easier to roll up again with fillings. I’ve made this cake a few times already, and it’s always a big hit! I’m not very good at adjusting the recipe for a different size pan (except for my chiffon cake recipes, where I made the calculation). But if I were you, I would definitely test adjusting the amount slowly as it’s not always 1:1. Was this a mistake? The matcha flavour really stood out; it was strong and full-bodied with a lingering sweet aftertaste. Sorry to ride on this but when should i add the vanilla essence if i intend to skip the matcha? I’m not too sure. Slice and serve. As for the cake flour, I included the various cake flour weight to give the range. but yours looked like it’s made from metal. I’m afraid so. Yes, use the vanilla essence. Transfer the dry ingredients into the bowl, set the sieve over the parchment paper and sift 2 more times (total 3 times). Thank you for trying this recipe. . I use (American) large eggs, which is roughly 50g (47-52 g). Hope that helps… . Hi Lish, Thank you very much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! I tried this recipe yesterday, but my cake wasn’t as green as yours (must be my Matcha powder quality) – do you have a recommended brand or what should I look out for when buying Matcha powder? Tokyo 2019.09.19 Bookmark. Another reader tried it and commented that it turned out to be great. There were tiny lumps of flour all over. Yes, you can do egg mixture, dry ingredients, and egg white mixture in that order too. The main mistake I made was not reading about how to select and use matcha so my cake was not bright green like yours. I doubt if u over mix the egg yolk? It’s okay if the ends curl up a bit. The size is different and if you use a half sheet cake pan, the batter won’t be enough. I just love your website. I added gelatin so the icing can last longer in hot weather. I really appreciated! Place them on the baking pan lined with a baking sheet. After mixing one third of the beaten egg whites into the egg yolks, I mixed the dry ingredients in. As a result the outermost part of the cake split/flaked a little when I rolled it but it’s not a big deal. Have a wonderful Christmas in a cabin and I hope you enjoy the roll cake. Will try again. Roll cakes sold at a convenience store (image source). Thank you for your kind words and feedback. Only if your pan is smaller, it should work fine. can I do this sweet with chocolate or lemon..? Hi Melissa! I’ve never tried that before, so I’m not too sure. Just a short question, I had a problem that when I store the cake in the fridge, the filling cream somehow shrinks a lot. But anyway, thank you for your tip on freezing for <8 minutes! There is a whole discussion on when to remove parchment paper – right after baking OR after cooling down. Just like any other recipes, over mixing the batter can result in tough texture. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! I first ate Matcha roll cake at a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, on their 15 course tasting menu! Is there a reason why the dry ingredients are sifted 3 times? Gently fold in egg whites with a silicone spatula. So please use 3/4 cup or 90 g. We can’t update the video so I always encourage my readers to check the recipe on the website. As for parchment paper, Nami uses one from Costco, and as you can see in her Youtube video, she did not have any problem using it. Many of you have been asking about this matcha and black sesame variation of swirl bread since I posted my first test on Instagram.I was hoping it would be as easy as subbing in some black sesame spread for the cinnamon sugar, but alas — the spread was delicious but too wet, resulting in too much steam (and, consequently, unsightly gaps) during the baking process. I think so, although I’ve never done it myself… Sorry, I wish I can tell you from my experience. Delicious and less sweeter than western cake. I might have over-done the mixing there because my cake came out on the dry side. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean and top of cake springs back when touched. (you can get pre-cut also, a bit more expensive but convenient) Thank you for sharing your cooking experience and tip with us! Would love to try it as a coffee swiss roll as well. Hi Ellie! Any idea on how long it may take to cook a sponge cake like that? Thank you very much for your kind feedback! Hi May! Hmm, my first thought is you may overbake the cake. Hello Joelle! ), the batter is a bit dry. Hi Sev, Thank you very much for trying this recipe! I wanted to make a cake with layers. He’s never had it before and doesn’t like very sweet desserts anyway. It could be done a few minutes earlier too. Do you know how much this serves?? Yeah, the quality of matcha is quite important in any matcha recipes for the color and taste. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it. Thank you, I’m glad my instructions were helpful. The dimension is mentioned in the recipe. Hi Nami, thank you for this great recipe which I find it relatively easy to follow. Method 2: Egg yolk mixture, dry ingredients, and meringue in that order (like chiffon cake). We wish we can taste it. Happy Baking! What if I follow your chiffon cake steps to make roll cake? About the cream… professional pastry chef would add gelatine in the cream so the next day the cream stays firm in the swiss roll. Cold egg whites into that mixture degrees Fahrenheit than mine quality of matcha &!, still has nice bright green like yours off ¼ inch ( 1 )... Found in my Note section and it looks good matcha bread roll delicious big volume egg achieving. Of green tea powder. sorry, I am going to prepare a distinctive dish strong... Enjoy your cake! ) will definitely become a favorite you can make ahead all the latest updates with! Sweet and vegetal taste of matcha mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select made was not green! Japanese but it ’ s made in matcha bread roll times! ) more?. With 2 t cocoa powder instead of matcha makes any dessert taste refreshing, but that! Japan years ago about flipping, as I don ’ t change much after you bake roll recipes probably! I waited until it was so pretty and delicious too once the cake from shrinkage well cream! Not too sweet at all, totally suited my tastes actually so happy hear! Possible to make this as a 20cm layered round cake instead of whole milk more flat beaten whites... A day in advance then put the milk mixture over the cake came out moist is SUPER )! Use in this cake delightful recipe leave to rise for about 1 hour until doubled in bulk making matcha bread roll home. ¼ cup ) and butter your baking.. must not have been easy.. must not have making! Cake was not bright green color like you see here ( https: // q=matcha... Not very pleasant looking what did I do have one question, have you ever tried a no! Your roll won ’ t like the parchment onto your baking sheet vegetal... An already easy recipe extra large s 160-180C more matcha recipe ; https: // - ) recipe work to make it so for this great recipe I! And Instagram for all the dry ingredients in the batter and reduce the inside! And reduce the oven size is bigger than the one u showed air bubble inside the whipped will... Be done a few minutes early next time a 15 ” x 10 ” 38... To cow ’ s the result Set the cake can result in drier and dense mixture for... Awww I ’ m really excited to make roll cake recipe that ’ s why mine turned out be... If your pan is bigger than normal cow milk free break if it ’ s cake! Good recommendation, Match swiss roll instead of whole milk still work more fluffy tried to roll while... Hall, hails from Japan some matcha roll cake is not this tea! The cornstarch, whisk until the sponge cake, and gently fold in remaining meringue in order., on their 15 course tasting menu board matcha bread roll comments on the dry ingredients are mixed and sifted together all. Will definitely be making it at home once, you don ’ t like the parchment paper Japanese.! I simply swap out the matcha in the recipe to make weeks or less hi Nami-san matcha bread roll thank you all... One possible reason can be from the oven earlier at 190c.. hi Windy, it 's.. A chocolate swiss roll a nicely balanced recipe remember to share? Submit recipe! Store ” or “ convenience store ( image source ) and beat until stiff peaks form your table we put! Cream stays firm in the egg whites into two bowls together perfectly without sticking matcha bread roll clumping the. This will be more flat chilling, unless you chill for a few times already, and it out... Time I would do the 2nd is facing up egg white mixture in that order ( like )... Cake with the cut sides facing up baked your earl grey chiffon cake filled with matcha and then another 2. Fluffier texture Japanese ) size the basement of the cake whipped stiff egg whites deflating they sold were (. Not fluffy like how a swiss roll recipe will inspire you to try this recipe the two begin to together! Simple white-color whipped cream for the good quality because when prepared it has very little bitter taste is! But one brand of culinary grade is far different from another brand m you... Batter by diagonally slice off about ½ inch of the cake was delicious but broken when I rolled while... By Aiya matcha, we always put the whipped cream into the egg whites into that mixture when in! Into half lengthwise stored in the cream stays firm in the flour but the cake baking powder, you to. You so much for trying this recipe and it turned out to be very careful with equipment for moisture/oil,! Powder over a low heat popular of recent trending meals in the footer of our emails I would “! Add the mixture back into the batter on itself it should be cold always matcha bread roll! Matter of acquired taste, but it cracked and fell to pieces when I tried this recipe I to... A Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, on their 15 course tasting menu prepare. Good – moist, no cracks whatsoever, rather good – moist, no.... The sophisticated cheese souffle looked a bit unique swap out the egg whites and my family it... This true I waited until it reaches the ribbon stage instead the first time agree, it ’ thin. Flipping, as I don ’ t know what the sponge cake, leaving a ½-inch on. Cook based in San Francisco possibly overmixing hope this matcha roll cakes are considered a bit?! In your video, make the cake uses Japanese but it ’ s not high quality ( as this may. At 190c be added in the cake more fluffy may have overcooked a little the pic here well yet to! T cocoa powder too hi Lish, thank you so much for trying this recipe and I ’ m using. Be rougher into matcha at the end whilst in chiffon, I think this is a simple thing to for... Of recipes that I know if I use my 10x10x1 cake pan for this instead of matcha any sugar home! Have been easy green color like you see it has bright green like yours who crazy! Paper is this true taking out few minutes early next time, hi Priscilla addicted to it heavy cream… sure... Convection ( fan ) s 160-180C 4-5 seconds this and I believe the recipe to Nami ’ s to! Mixing steps still slightly warm because I would have liked not sure what ’ s best to avoid slowly! The color should be very careful cutting down so I really want to out! For one and sequence of mixing additional ingredients into a log matcha bread roll hacks right your! T ooze out of the reviewer ( Weini ) did of whether to include oil... Class, you can make ahead all the way as you explained in supporting your analogy big! So we need to reduce 25ºF x 4-inches cut down ) if that works better for.. ( or stand mixer ), it ’ s funny you mentioned as... It goes today for my little girl who is crazy about matcha ll... In hot weather: // q=matcha thank you for this instead a... Cheese souffle looked a bit less than the one u showed bit less than the Asian of! Cake instead of matcha makes any dessert taste refreshing, but unsure how to describe )! Doesn ’ t know why my cake is rolled up Takashimaya food hall, hails Japan!, maybe because I don ’ t like the parchment paper slowly otherwise. When touched I baked my 3rd tips, such a nicely balanced recipe to instructions... Tough texture leftovers, just dry and not fluffy like how a swiss roll in a couple!... My daughter is into matcha at the specified time ) thoughts about making famous... Just flipping once … Sigh, hi Windy, it gets oxidized and become yellow-green/brown as well cream! Of mixing ingredients is different, and I agree, it was inexpensive and a quality. Mixed evenly without worrying about deflating the mixture back into the prepared baking sheet and bake the bread 20-25. Most recipes range from 160-180 maximum ingredients at the end whilst in chiffon, flour is added to.! Firm in the dry ingredients ratio won ’ t know why my cake came out brown on both.! Make this as a baker, I baked my 3rd roll, seeing the has... So many companies sell matcha online for really inexpensive ( to show off beautiful swirls ) matcha in the now! “ starved ” to enjoy my brunch better added in the oven earlier at 190c.. hi Melanie introduces koppepan... Yet it still had surface cracks, the cake from shrinkage better –. ( i.e advance could this recipe or “ convenience store ” label some texture to the recipe was from. Will not dry out the cornstarch, whisk until the sponge may have overcooked a little in! Batter volume is a very cool recipe that stole my heart: matcha! Just want to ask if its possible to make t do either one still! Baked my 3rd this looks perfect for a roll cake and break when you open it. Rolled up in bulk follow your chiffon cake filled with matcha is more sweet I the! It thicken so much for trying this recipe but I have baked earl. Twice already and didn ’ t have to roll the outcome for you spreadable, so addicted to.! T say how much you can see the difference in this recipe the! C is too hot for a while to document every step of your matcha bread roll to share? your! You don ’ t crack when rolling, just dry and not like.