Tony,The only person I know who has grown Nikita's Gift in zone 5 is a persimmon afficionado in Terre Haute, IN. Ken W Wilson wrote:Does anyone have a Nikita's Gift? Could it be a nutritional deficiency? I'm in zone 7, and mine has done well so far. ), Watering requirements for fruit tree on drip irrigation. Are they supposed to be? I'm wondering if it would be better to treat it like a peach and prune it as a fan, or if some other form would produce better fruit?? Hi I have a Nikita's Gift Persimmon tree. And now I'm a fan of these persimmons much more so than Saijo. I actually prefer the better American astringent persimmons to the Nikita's on flavor and texture, but I think mine may have been overripe. Nikitskaya Bordovaya is a very cold-hardy hybrid persimmon. I have both varieties and just this year we got enough Nikita fruit to notice that they ripen almost the same, the American fruit turns purplish when ready to eat and goes "mushy" the day after the color change from orange to purple. I know that NG does not count as "American" - apparently 1/4 D. virginiana. Persimmon Nikita’s Gift™ (Diospyros virginiana x kaki) This exciting new hybrid Nikita’s Gift™ is a cross between an American variety (virginiana) and the Japanese variety (kaki) and it gives us a wonderful fruit tree that is hardy to Zone 5. I also have a Diospyros Kaki FUYU Persimmon.. larger tree, baseball sized fruit but not as good on production and Fuyu is 7 years old. When they are orange like a ripe pumpkin I pick them and eat them fresh. Thanks Gene & Lucky for the infos. Can you tell me which reliable nursery that sale Prok, Yates, and the hybrid kinds. I have a thick bed of peppermint planted beneath her because we have many Deer families here. They were slightly purple. Maybe it's an asian persimmon, Diospyros kaki: right size, right bark, right Fall foliage coloring—but that species isn't normally hardy colder than Zone 7. Add nuts and they make good trail mix. I like to pick them before they are sweet and mushy while the are still a little bitter. It's a young tree and has a little too much shade. Watch the fruit color change, a ripe persimmon will be purplish (this is when they fall to the ground and usually break open) and a just right for picking color is when they go orange with a tinge of the purple color starting to show up. Have to say the astringency isn't too bad even when not fully ripe. I hope they did good for you. our tree, named “Nikki”, had seeds and very dark flesh so we know that she became pollinated by another Persimmon tree (and is “pollination variant“). Crunchy like apples. This was successful in thwarting the hornets and the raccoons too, and I got about 15 nice fruit this year. They are as sweet as HONEY.. but they have to soften up and even get some black spots on the skin when ripe. We live in a semi rural neighborhood. This individual is likely to be mature. I've eaten lots of american persimmons. She can see what can be and is not limited to what is. I have a Nikita's Gift persimmon tree in my Zone 8a maritime Pacific Northwest orchard. Dehydrating them takes the bitter away. The taste was great but no texture. More leaves & branches. I think I got it updated today. Home Fruit Trees Persimmon Trees Hybrid Persimmon Nikita’s Gift (Nikitskaya Bordovaya) Nikita’s Gift (Nikitskaya Bordovaya) $ 27.00. I have to say the Nikita has fruited pretty vigorously every year, but the first 2 seasons all the fruits dropped while young. It … I haven't used fertilizer as it has had good growth, and I don't want to over stimulate growth. I had tried to do that but for some reason it didn't take. Promoting permaculture to save our planet. Persimmon Trees - Giombo (Astringent)-$32.95. I have a Nikita's Gift (in ground since spring 2009, currently about 6 feet tall) as well as a Fuyu (just planted spring 2012) and Saijo (planted spring 2009, now approx. Perhaps we don’t get enough heat to ripen Jiro. I'm about half way through my NG fruit. The flavorful texture of the Nikitskaya Bordovaya persimmon is like an … I suspect it's best to let Nikita ripen on the tree. The bright reddish-orange fruit is about 3” wide and somewhat flattened on top. Ken W Wilson wrote:They were very mushy by the time they fell. I've only eaten two or three in past years. Nikita's Gift Persimmon Trees are cold hardy and grow from Zone 5 all the way down to Zone 10. Nov 13, 2015 - Planting and Care Facts (pdf)Zone: 6-9 Persimmon Plant Size Persimmon Plant Size Close THIS YEARS CROP NOTES: We take great pride in shipping you a larger size, high quality plant. Naturally compact it is the perfect addition to the collectors garden or the novice orchardist as it is rarly bothered by pests and diseases. Saijo is kind of just sugar water in comparison! Nikita’s Gift™ Hybrid Persimmon is from the Nikita Botanic Garden in Yalta, Ukraine, this unique hybrid of Asian and American Persimmon bears bountiful crops of sweet and flavorful, reddish-orange fruit followed by strikingly beautiful, orange-yellow fall foliage. The trees from Raintree were larger than those from Burnt Ridge both in terms of height and caliper, likely accounting for the price difference. I picked all my Nakita's Gifts about 2 weeks ago, while still firm, slice them horizontally, and dried them. It's an astringent persimmon, tastier, sweeter, and juicier than most American persimmon. My Nikitas have darkened flesh in some areas, and a seed or two. What I can say about it, this summer heat has not phased it at all, while "Saijo's" leaves are sunburned looking. That is a beautiful tree. I'm not sure if it is hardy for zone 5. Over the last few years I've gotten a decent amount of Saijo fruit, and I found I can pick it while still hard, and it will readily ripen and lose astringency nicely off the tree. Origin: Rosseyanka x unknown variety Diospyros, breeder A.N. They are drier than the Nakitas Gift. I'm happy to cover any shipping or other costs. One reason I dry them is because they taste so good dried, but also because they don't ripen well off the tree.Maybe it is a disease, they get black spots on the bottom while on the tree, then after being picked the skin on the bottom will wrinkle, get tough as leather, and the pulp next to these affected areas is not as good as the unaffected parts, which is excellent in my opinion.To me, Saijo is sweet, without a lot of flavor, while Nakita has a much richer flavor.Does anyone know what the black crud is that forms on a Nakita's Gift? But both it, and last year's crops fell off without maturing. I have full sun, and use a bit of shavings or pine bark as mulch, no winter protection, some well rotted horse manure to fertilize and small amounts of organic fertilizer. It does not require a pollinator. I put them in a bowl in the kitchen near a window. I ate some and picked most out. The fruits are seedless unless there is a male persimmon tree nearby. Rosseyanka Persimmon I planted a Nikita's Gift a few years ago that wilted and died a few months after planting in the spring, it didn't even make it to its first winter. Hi I have a Nikita's Gift Persimmon tree. Not sure if it has successfully fruited outside of the greenhouse or not. Are they supposed to be? But this tree is no larger than a dogwood, and its bark isn't distinctive. But now it's late November and finally they seemed soft enough and I tried a couple of them, and the texture is totally different than Saijo. ... Self-fertile A hybrid of Asian and American persimmons. I read about sunscald on this forum, but I don't think that is what I have. Both of our varieties crack open when they fall off the tree and quickly become ant food. The fruit can stand some pretty hard freezes. Fall foliage is a gorgeous, vivid orange I have only removed suckers from the base so far. I had some the year before last that were perfect though. NIKITA'S GIFT (TM) AMERICAN PERSIMMON (Diospyrus kaki x virginiana) This Ukrainian selection is a cross between American and Asian persimmon combining the larger fruit size of Asian persimmon and greater hardiness of the American parent. Nikita's Gift Persimmon Tree comes from Russia and will survive extreme winter conditions. And she knows this tiny ad: Rocket Mass Heater Manual - now free for a while, current server time (not your local time) is, Nikita's Gift Persimmon -- I have some questions for people who have them, List of Bryant RedHawk's Epic Soil Series Threads, american persimmon...a drought resistant and delicious fruit and source of beautiful carving wood. —Albert Einstein. Where did you purchase it? Does anyone own a fruited nikita's gift? Hardy, small tree at 12' in height. Did yours get freezing weather while ripening? I've ordered Nikitas Gift trees from both Burnt Ridge and Raintree. Last fall the tree was at least 15' tall, I pruned 3-4' out of the top when I was picking the fruit. Nikita's Gift is … Hope you get it figured out soon - sounds like a great persimmon otherwise. List of Bryant RedHawk's Epic Soil Series Threads We love visitors, that's why we live in a secluded cabin deep in the woods. If I pick too early they are only slightly sweet and when I pick when Ripe they are very sweet. It didn't dry out, so I was puzzled as I've planted a number of persimmons and none of the others ever did that. Fruit must fully soften before eating. I assume they may like the soil here.. i have a few persimmon varieties: Saijo, Nikita’s gift, Jiro and Rojo Brillante. Mine are ready in late November usually. Autumn is the perfect time for planting these trees, Win over birds, bees, butterflies and neighbors with these design strategies, Pantone digs deep and goes earthy with its selection. Planning to plant american persimmon on the larger zone 6 acreage. I have 4 non-astringent Asian Persimmons. I tried the alcohol method to help ripen them and after just 1 day (too impatient to wait longer..) it seemed to help. One has nearly infinite room and is zone 6a (maybe even zone 5b) the other is in a downtown core microclimate closer to 7a with very limited space. I have had it for 8 years. I'll pick the first one that begins to soften. I have a thick bed of peppermint planted beneath her because we have many Deer families here. Diospyrus kaki x virginiana 'Nikita's Gift' As hardy as the American persimmon and as large as the Asian, Nikita’s large crops of 2-1/2 inch, flattish, red-orange fruit are certainly gifts. Read more; Persimmon (Diospyros kaki x virginiana) Nikitas Russian Nikita's Gift Persimmon is easy to grow and typically starts producing fruit in 2 to 3 years after planting. It was planted in 2013. Persimmon Tree. I'll pick the second one at a softer stage and the third one even softer. I think mine fruited for the first time in its third year. It was bland, quite unlike my neighbor’s Izu. One of the top plant introductions to date, Nikitas Gift is a Russian cross of American persimmon and Asian persimmon. I like it! They were also sweeter than I liked. What a carefree fruit tree. I sprinkle veggie organic garden fertilizer around the tree every other year - carelessly actually, I rarely water her now that she, Nikita's Gift, is established. Mulching won't provide winter protection - it's the smaller branches/limbs that are damaged when temperatures drop into the critical zone for this plant.Fertilizer? richer and more complex. Rosseyanka is most like an astringent Kaki persimmon - has a fairly tough 'skin' that contains its pulp well, even when they're fully ripe - I have to pull or snip them loose from the tree in late Nov/early Dec. Nice flavor, but I actually prefer the astringent Kakis I've had an opportunity to sample. I've read that this is common the first couple of years. This unique hybrid of Asian and American Persimmon bears bountiful crops of sweet and flavorful reddish-orange fruit followed by strikingly beautiful orange-yellow fall foliage. The Native Persimmon (downloadable ebook reprint of 1915 USDA bulletin), Hybrid seeds in my Nikita's Gift persimmons, Some thoughts on the occasion of harvesting my first-ever peach. Will now fertilize it as it survived our 105 deg F summers in east Sierra desert canyon at 4200' (Joshua Tree belt). Nikita's Gift is ready to eat when soft and tender like a ripe tomato. It is ready to eat when soft and tender like a tomato. Even though they are smaller, they produce an abundance of full-size fruit. There's about ten on there now. Tree probably stunted with gravelly soil and is watered throughout summer. It is a high producer (over 50 lbs) of sweet, flavorful, reddish-orange fruit in the fall. I'm looking for some Nikita's Gift scioins. Home / Our Plants / Herbal & Edibles / Nikitskaya bordovaya ‘Persimmon Nikitas Gift’™ Nikitskaya bordovaya ‘Persimmon Nikitas Gift’™ Categories: Herbal & Edibles , Trees Tags: Fruit , Tree … Product information "Kaki Hybrid Nikitas Gift" Nikitas Gift is a hybrid between American kaki and Japanese kaki. It could be published in a featured ideabook, Don’t put down that spade! My Nikita's Gift is setting it's first crop, 24 very hard, pink-orange fruits. Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking Entertainment How To Music & Dance News & Events People & Stories Pets & Animals Science & Tech Sports Travel & Outdoors Video Games Wheels & Wings Other 18+ Only Fashion There have not been any disease or insect problems. "Buzzard's Roost (Asnikiye Heca) Farm." It was slightly astringent, cruncy, sweet, and delicious. Thanks for above information as have never tried one. It colored up very nicely. : Persimmon Trees - Nikita's Gift (astringent) : Garden & Outdoor. Benny - perhaps it could be this? Judging by the size of the crop, it isn't young, either. The Miracle-Gro & Scott's folks won't want you to hear that.In fact, nitrogen fertilization is largely discouraged for persimmons, as it contributes to excessive vegetative growth, and seems, in some cases to actually cause immature fruit drop/abortion of the fruit crop. I forgot to mention that my tree is on the north side of a privacy, Location: Huntsville Alabama (North Alabama), Zone 7B. Deer visit at night and help themselves.. and it's a beautiful sight watching through my bedroom window with the lights out :). Richard, want to trade some cuttings? I'm going to try grafting and budding to the. Or perhaps because the tree is young. The tallest branch is about 7 ft tall and it is a very wide and bushy tree. 21.04.2015 - Planting and Care Facts (pdf)Zone: 6-9 Persimmon Plant Size Persimmon Plant Size Close THIS YEARS CROP NOTES: We take great pride in shipping you a larger size, high quality plant. She is one incredible producer and right now (Dec, 2013) the tree dropped her leaves but is still loaded with Persimmons and they are tolerating some extremely cold night high 20's - 30's temps. If you want GW members to contact you for a trade.'s+Gift+Persimmon+Tree Give the gift of nikta's gift persimmon tree today. There were a few seeds that were very thin and probably sterile. Graftes persimmon trees will not start fruiting until the tree is between 3 and 6 years old. Nikita’s Gift hybrid persimmons -- how do you use them? Considering how others in the Ozarks in this thread have had success I may try another one. Nikita's Gift Persimmon Trees are cold hardy and grow from Zone 5 all the way down to Zone 10. The 2 1/2" diameter orange/red fruit is very sweet and delicious with no trace of astringency when ripe. Nikita’s Gift™ Hybrid Persimmon grows 10-12 ft. in height, is self-fertile and hardy to minus 10 degrees F.. Nikita’s Gift Persimmon $ 39.95. I'd like to try Rosseyanka. Call for any questions about cold hardy fruit trees 888-758-2252. 2-3″ fruit ripen late October on a tree that will mature at … Nikitas Gift Persimmon (tm) Diospyrus virginiana x kaki. She's brilliant. she was purchased from Edible Landscape in 2016. the Nikita’s Gift is an excellent tree for a small yard or if you want great fruit fast. Does anyone have experience with growing Nikita's gift as an espalier? The Garden at Stony End Is there a good chance of successfully ripening Nikitas or Rosseyanka in the zone 6 or would it be best to try and fit them on the 7a lot? Location: Arkansas - Zone 7B/8A stoney, sandy loam soil pH 6.5. How long it is take for it to fruit? I've heard you can pick them while still hard and dry them. The thing is, it was late October, and while the fruits were nicely colored up, they would not soften & we were getting a big storm (now known as Hurricane Sandy) so I picked them all. Home > Shop > Fruit Plants > Notable and Uncommon Fruit > Nikita’s Gift Persimmon. They are huge, maybe 5 times an average American persimmon. Three of the original 5 flowers resulted in fruit so far. I have only removed suckers from the base so far. She is now huge, bushy and healthy - loaded with fruit again this fall. I picked the first one when it was just a little softer than hard. If they don't drop off. Yay.....saw the birds beginning to peck them so tried one......kind of mushy but sweet. Most fruit trees, and persimmons in particular, don't need or require much, if anything, in the way of fertilization. I'm hoping that since it is a dwarf tree (10-12 feet high), that it will do well as an espalier...any thoughts?? I have had Nikita's Gift for many years now, I posted the picture years ago. I'm tolerant of astringency, I eat raw aronia berries. Find yours at Redhawk, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. We are on the MD E Shore. Skip to main content. Another western WA nursery that has N Gift is Raintree nursery. I'll know when to pick next year. It's cold-hardy and will survive in exposure around -10 degrees. Both get good reviews, and fruit size is large.Keener is reputed to be a hybrid, and may be, but is very much like a good American, but it seems to have more 'fiber' in its pulp than the typical American persimmon. This year 4 remain. Make sure you pick the right size tree for your space. Any protection from hard winter in zone 5, like mulching the base of the tree. None; unless soil test indicates that you need it. I have two properties on which I could plant persimmon. Nikita’s Gift™ Hybrid Persimmon grows 10-12 ft. in height, is self-fertile and hardy to minus 10 degrees F..… They seem to go from slightly soft and bitter to very soft over night. Here are ways to make it work in your home, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery,, 4 Tips for Creating a Small Garden That Welcomes Wildlife, How to Use Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, how to prune figs (and what is the better crop in z7? Happy Gardening Friends! But then you'll have to be diligent about protecting them from hornets, etc. Has it always had this problem? Categories. When our persimmon trees mature, they will fall into one of three ranges: Dwarf Persimmon Trees mature to be about 8-10’ tall and wide. These persimmons do well after the frost hits in October when they go from green to orange and I snip them off and bring them into the house until they are very soft. The tast was great but no texture. I think these four will do better in my zone 5. Only Jiro produced last year. It started bearing fruit in 2016 and had about 3 dozen persimmons in 2017. I believe she started producing at 5 years old, not including how long she was in the nursery pot.. so I'd add 2 years plus 5. I have had it for 8 years. (Kind of like blossom end rot on tomatoes?). When do to you pick them? What kind of fertilizer use? This grafted variety bears abundant crops of 2-2.5" diameter, reddish-orange fruit. Sturdy and easy to care for, these trees offer bright fruit through winter — and keeping them in bounds is no sweat, Post your best photo of your cat at home, in the garden or with you in your studio. The tallest branch is about 7 ft tall and it is a very wide and bushy tree. Here is an example of what this year’s crop of persimmon trees look like.We'd like you to see the quality of plants you will receive, and t… Last year all fruit dropped mid season. The fruit is super sweet and so soft and lovely when ripe. From the Ukraine, Nikita’s Gift persimmon tree is a hybrid of Asian and American persimmons. When fully ripe and soft, this second-generation hybrid persimmon is sweet and flavorful. Thanks! And how long it takes for them to fruit? Last year, some of the fruits stayed on and ripened (less than 20 of them), but then I lost them to hornets who made holes in the soft flesh. The fruit tastes amazing, and the tree bears heavily. Fruit is sweet and flavorful. Probably the most widely planted fruit tree in the world, Persimmons are found throughout Asia in almost every yard and orchard. In-ground, it consistently sustains pretty significant twig/branch dieback there every year. Nikitas are def. They turn out like candy. Nikitas Gift Persimmon Tree – Astringent American-Kaki Hybrid What could be more lovely than a tree loaded with delicious 2-3 inch bright reddish-orange persimmons? Thanks Lucky! The orange-yellow fall foliage is also strikingly beautiful. Any chance you will be pruning it soon? This year, the Nikita set more fruit than ever, and this time I pruned off about one third of the baby fruit after they set, and as the remaining ones started to mature, I covered each one with a nylon stocking and a rubber band(desperate measures!) The rest have been about as soft as a ripe peach, mushy and sweet. She is planted about 8 FT from the corner of our house and pretty much gets full sun all summer.. our fig trees also love being close to the house. They were very mushy by the time they fell. Mature Tree Size. I'm in Long Island, NY, zone 7. I don't know that I've ever really noticed a significant flavor difference between good American persimmons - a good one is GOOD, but I've has some real 'spitters' in my day, too(random natives; those that 'hang on the tree' far into winter tend (in my experience) not to be especially good.I've eaten Yates, Prok hasn't fruited yet for me. saw this on a website ( "Pollination-variant astringent cultivars have dark flesh around the seeds when pollinated.". You need to go to your My Page and on the top right under your profile and allow members to email you for a trade.. You can drop me an email if you want to trade. I might have a more vigorous rootstock than you, espalier system would not work on mine. Similar ripening habit as Rosseyanka, fall into winter, but unlike Rosseyanka, Nikita's Gift taste more like Asian persimmon. 9 ft). If you're a persimmon aficionado, you will enjoy the different taste experience. Nikitas Gift Persimmon Tree – Astringent American-Kaki Hybrid From the Ukraine, Nikita’s Gift persimmon tree is a hybrid of Asian and American persimmons. I MIGHT be able to taste "Nikita's Gift" this fall, 3 year old tree. I have never seen any other discussion of this problem with Nikita's Gift. Since, I only have ten, I'd like to be able pick them at the right time and make the best use of them. Does anyone knows the different in taste between Keener, Prok, Yates, and Rosseyanka? I found they ripen differently than Saijo - instead of getting soft and liquidy, they start shriveling & don't soften as readily. They are also completely seedless. The important thing is not to stop questioning." Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Account Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. I’m 6b. No fruit. Any special care? All self fertile but American persimmon NC-10 will fruit better with a pollinator (male or Morris Burton) ... Nikitas Gift £ 20.00. out of stock. Not much change in the last year. Do they have to be mushy to be ripe? You might want to try one of the native persimmon varieties as they are hardier.